ASPCA $100K Challenge

Western PA Humane Society’s $100,000 Challenge—More Pets Into Homes!

Pittsburgh PA– The Western PA Humane Society announced that it has been selected as one of only 50 animal shelters throughout the United States (and the only shelter in Pennsylvania) to compete in the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) $100,000 Challenge.

The “Challenge” is to adopt more dogs and cats into loving homes and to get more “Live releases” of feral cats back out into the community from August 1-October 31st 2010… a minimum of 300 more cats and dogs released than the same time period in 2009. The Western PA Humane Society wants to win the contest so we have set a goal of adopting out (or releasing) 2000 dogs and cats during this 3 month time period.

“During the first week we adopted out 99 animals,” says Executive Director Lee Nesler. “That is a wonderful number but we have a long way to go to get to the magic number of 2000 live released animals and we need Pittsburghers to step up and help us do that. We urge animal lovers from all over our community to consider adopting a cat or dog from the North Shore Shelter, the Fallen Timber Shelter in Elizabeth, or any of our satellite adoption centers at local Petco and Petsmart stores and the Mall at Robinson to WIN this challenge. Out of state adoptions will be considered. To get details on how out of state adopters can help talk to an adoption counselor for details.

During the ASPCA $100K Challenge the Western PA Humane Society will be offering a variety of adoption specials that will change throughout the 3 month period. To kick things into high gear the North Shore Shelter and the Fallen Timber Shelter in Elizabeth will be having a special adoption day offering $10 adoptions to all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 14th between 10am-5pm at both shelter locations. All animals will be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccines and a microchip. Some dogs will still have Obedience Training classes as part of their adoption commitment and their adoption fee will reflect that. Some pets might need to stay for spay/neuter surgery before they go home but all adoptable animals will be ready to find their forever homes.

“All normal adoption procedures will be followed,” assures the Executive Director Lee Nesler. “Applications will still need to be filled out, meet and greets with other dogs in the household and proof of home ownership or leases stating pet ownership is allowed are still required. We want to find loving, permanent homes during the challenge. We want animals that get adopted to STAY adopted.”

In addition to the Adoption Pricing and Specials throughout the next few months the Western PA Humane Society has instituted a new ASPCA $100K Challenge FERAL CAT PROGRAM for people who care for outdoor cats and wish to get them vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Feral Cats returned to the community will count in the Challenge Numbers of 2000 live releases.

These low-cost spay/neuter/vaccination services are available to feral colony caregivers who practice Trap-Neuter-Return, which is the humane solution for feral cats. More information about TNR and caring for feral cats is available on

Included in the $30 per cat fee is spay or neuter surgery, performed by a licensed veterinarian at our North Shore veterinary clinic, a one-year rabies vaccination, and an ear-tip to identify the cat as an altered cat who is part of a managed feral cat colony.

To take advantage of this low-cost program, the caregiver must call one of the Western PA Humane Society’s veterinary clinics. You can reach the North Shore feral cat spay neuter at 412-321-4625; press “extension 246” to schedule a surgery date.

Any feral cat or kitten over the age of three months is eligible for this program.

Each cat must arrive at our clinic in a humane box trap. The Western PA Humane Society can provide weekly rentals of traps for a deposit of $45 for each trap, $35 of which will be refunded upon the return of the trap in good condition within seven days.

Don’t know how to trap? Detailed trapping instructions are available on

Alley Cat Allies is a national feral cat resource, and their website has a wealth of information about anything concerning feral cats.

The Western PA Humane Society encourages compassionate individuals who feed feral cats in our communities to practice Trap-Neuter-Return. Most of these cats are not adoptable in a shelter environment, but will thrive when spayed/neutered, provided with food, water and shelter, and allowed to continue their lives in their outdoor home.

“While our goal is to win this competition, the ultimate winners will be the many more animals that find homes as well as their new families,” says Nesler. “Our goal is to win this challenge and to put this money right back into spay/neuter programs by stopping unwanted litters of kittens and puppies being born and promoting our adoption programs.”

The Western PA Humane Society is one of the oldest Humane Society’s in the United States, serving Pittsburgh for 136 years. The Western PA Humane Society is an “open door” shelter, meaning that they take all animals into their facility without a waiting list or a required fee (although the shelter does ask for a donation when animals are being released to their care.) Last year the Western PA Humane Society took in over 13,000 unwanted animals.