Adventures of Gary the Foster Dog: A New Beginning

Gary, our 3-legged pit mix foster puppy, has learned to GO UP STAIRS!!! He was shy about them at first, even possibly afraid.  And I didn’t know if it would be physically possible for him to do it.

We tried treats on each step. We encouraged him, applauded any progress. Nope, he wouldn’t go.

Then one day, Ursa was going up the steps. My son went up the steps. They both stood at the top & made happy sounds. My son clapped his hands. I stayed at the bottom in case there was a problem. No go. Nope. Not doing it.

Suddenly, Gary ran up the steps so fast! I followed quickly & when he got to the top, we all rubbed him & praised him. Lots of  “Yay, Gary!” and “Good boy!”

He had done it. The one thing I didn’t know if Gary could master. But he did it with a few trial runs and lots of praise & treats. I now know that Gary can go to a home with steps, which broadens his adoptability. Yay Gary!

Don’t you know that in the middle of this fostering, I had to have a surgical procedure that stopped almost all activity for me?

But Gary was a prince through all of it. The day I had the surgery, Gary spent sleeping on the floor at the foot of my bed – very quiet, very good.  Ursa slept in the bed, of course, but Gary understood too.

That happened a few days ago and I am recovering, but in the meantime, I learned the WPHS was having an adoption event at the shelter where all animals, 6 months or older, were just $10!!! What an opportunity for Gary, but I couldn’t go and Gary would miss out!

Thank goodness for Monica Dangler, the WPHS off-site coordinator. She volunteered to come to my house & get Gary to take him to the event. Terrific! This would be a perfect opportunity for him & I think he’s learned all he needs to know from us.

It’s only been an hour since they left & Monica just called to say someone is ready to adopt Gary!!! HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!???

A half-hour has passed now & the new family has been approved to adopt Gary. This couldn’t end any better. I’m so happy to know Gary is going to his forever home & will be loved and treasured.

What a great ending to this foster. But we’ve been lucky in that all of our fosters have gone directly into loving homes. I get to know once again, the work was worth it.

And the heartache when they leave? Yes, we suffer a little heartache but it doesn’t even compare to the joy of knowing they are now safe & happy. I think back to every one with affection. I also think forward to what their world will be now.

If we’ve helped only a little bit, we’ve done our part. We only had Gary for about 10-12 days. I even was seriously thinking of adopting him myself. But my township only allows three pets. Having Ursa and Happy Cat, when I have a foster, I’m up to the limit. If I kept Gary & got a foster, I’d be in violation & I don’t want anything to endanger my fostering.

It would have been a joy to keep Gary, but no more fosters? No, I’m too serious about fostering. Now I look forward to the next little buddy who needs me and Ursa.

As always, we’ve enjoyed the ride and and are glad you came along  this time. Thanks from all of us.

If you have any questions about fostering, please leave a comment here on the blog,  & I’ll try to answer or contact WPHS Volunteer & Foster Coordinator Chris Whyle at 412-321-4625, Extension 221.


2 thoughts on “Adventures of Gary the Foster Dog: A New Beginning

  1. Sage says:

    Happy tears, clapping hands! Way to go my friend and dear Ursa and not to be forgotten Jon!~ I am so glad this special Prince will have a new kingdom.

  2. linda niedermeyer says:

    when monica called me to tell me gary got adopted i was theilled-esspecially when i found out he had a doggy friend to live with-that boy loved to play=god speed gary-we all loved u

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