Nola named official spokesdog for Cupids and Canines event

Black beautiful pit bull Nola will greet you at the 4th Annual Cupids & Canines event on Saturday, Feb. 12, at Cefalo’s Nightclub in Carnegie. Funds raised will help animals like Nola who have come to the WPHS because of an unfortunate circumstance and who are still facing tough challenges.

Seven-year-old Nola came to the WPHS in October of last year. Her owner had legal problems and she had no one to care for her. With her wonderful personality, she immediately became a staff and volunteer favorite. She liked other dogs, was housebroken and had a tail that stopped wagging only when she was sleeping.

Besides her age and breed, she had another strike against her for adoption. For some reason, black dogs are often overlooked when potential adopters come to the shelter. They are passed by. And she isn’t a “little” girl either.

Longtime volunteer dog walker Geri Stewart was one of Nola’s cheerleaders.  She took Nola to several offsite adoption events and was enchanted by her demeanor.  Geri took Nola home as a foster  for Christmas, not wanting her to spend that time of family and love in a shelter.

Several days into the foster, Geri noticed several lumps on Nola.  After examination at WPHS, Nola had surgery to remove  several of those lumps.  They turned out to be mast cell tumors, a form of cancer that can be aggressive.  In Nola’s case, it appears to have spread throughout her body.  In most cases with Grade 2 mast cell tumors, the average survival time is 6-12 months.

Although a potential adoptive family was interested in Nola, when they learned of the diagnosis, they decided to look at other adoption possibilities. It didn’t look like much of a future for Nola.

Even though Geri had recently lost one of her own dogs to cancer, she and her husband decided to adopt Nola and to keep her safe and comfortable for as long as they are able to do so. Nola does not behave like a dog with physical problems.  She still loves to romp. She greets everyone with a wagging tail and kindness in her eyes. She was a natural choice to be this year’s official representative of Cupids and Canines.

The event is co-sponsored and proceeds will be shared by WPHS and Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, that has made curing canine cancers  its top priority.

Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. They include $20,000 in gaming money or chance auction tickets, desserts and coffee. It’s a great way to treat your sweetie and help the animals at the same time. For tickets, contact any Pittsburgh Camp Bow Wow location or buy online at


2 thoughts on “Nola named official spokesdog for Cupids and Canines event

  1. Hi,
    This is such a sad story it brought tears to my eyes.Please enter this picture and story with the Humane Society of the United States contest and you receive my votes(each vote is 1$)

    • geri danchek says:

      Thank you so much Tanya. Nola is a very sweet girl and we just wanted to see her happy for as long as possible.

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