WPHS opens our new Cat Colony Room!

With summer here at last, the Western PA Humane Society has opened the doors to a new room made just for our cats and visitors. We transformed a big room with lots of windows a ‘Cat Colony.’ That’s a great animal husbandry vocabulary word for a refurbished supply room with new, wallpaper which is now filled with toys and special boxes that we all know cats to play and hide in. The walls look like a forest and there are mounted wooden boards that give our beautiful cats places to climb and explore as well. It is the ultimate play pen for cats who love to stretch, climb and play!   

The purpose of our Cat Colony room is to put more cats into a homey environment where they can meet their Fur-Ever Family. Summer is known as ‘kitten season’ which means we have a high number of cute kitties who need homes. This fun, new room is put to good use as home to almost ten kittens. It provides the perfect setting for our kittens to socialize and play. And potential adopters can see them easily through the window and door on either side of the room.

We hope to have a ‘Kitty Cam’ installed soon… you can tune in to watch play time and cat naps! What could be more refreshing for all of us, pets and people alike! This new room will ultimately make the shelter experience the best ever for our kitties…second best only to  going home with their new, loving Fur-Ever Family!

by Larissa Gula