Did You Know Batman Has A Dog?

Hopefully everyone has heard by now that Christopher Nolan is in Pittsburgh filming part of his final Batman movie this summer. It’s been a point of excitement for movie buffs and people hoping it will help the city’s image.

 But did you know that Batman actually has a dog?

Our Harvey Dent!

Meet Harvery Dent

 A German Sheppard named Ace the Bat-Hound once appeared as Batman and Robin’s crime fighting partner in DC Comic’s Batman. First appearing in issue #92 in 1955, Ace joined Batman after the Caped Crusader used the dog to track down his original owner, who was kidnapped by a group of thugs. Batman even gave the dog a mask to wear, in the hopes that people would not recognize Ace as a lost dog Bruce Wayne had found and was offering rewards for. Eventually, Ace’s original owner was released, but he could no longer care for the dog. Ace ended up in Batman’s care. Then when a new editor took over in 1964, the dog disappeared from the comics completely.

 But he later made an appearance as a revamped character in a kid’s TV show! In the TV series Batman Beyond Ace has transformed into a Great Dane once used as a fighting dog, who escaped and was rescued by an elderly Bruce Wayne. Ace in this series is a prime example of man’s best friend – loyal and kind to his family, he’s willing to protect them at any cost.

 Though a favorite fictional dog of mine, Ace is underrated, making very few appearances outside of his main comic appearance and a TV series. Of course, there are tons of other famous fictional dogs out there! Lady from Lady and the Tramp steals hearts today the way the Tramp stole hers. Rin Tin Tin and Lassie are iconic canines in pop culture. Books like Call of the Wild feature Buck, a German Sheppard who makes a journey of survival and learns all about the love and cruelty men can show. Some dogs are even athletes – remember Buddy in Air Bud? What about Shadow and Chance in Homeward Bound? They’re the best example of how loyal a determined dog really is.

 Who’s your favorite fictional dog? Let us know!

by Larissa Gula