Pittsbrugh Pup Crawl!

As part of my daily job I receive emails from different shelters and rescue groups from across the country.  One that caught my eye earlier this year was from New York City, where, in 2009, a group of friends launched The Pup Crawl, a nighttime dog walk across the Brooklyn Bridge designed to raise awareness of the impact of the home foreclosure crisis on animal rescue organizations and to help shelters and rescues across the country raise money to help the pets under their care.

 Since then, the organizers of Pup Crawl have helped spread the word about the importance of adopting from and donating to animal shelter and rescue organizations. They’ve helped local groups to launch their own “pup crawls” in California and other parts of Pennsylvania. They’ve even teamed up with Petfinder.com to help get the word out.                                  

 I saw the photos from the Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl and thought … “why not do something like that here in Pittsburgh?”  Pittsburgh is the CITY OF BRIDGES (only Venice has more bridges then Pittsburgh).                      

Support Shelter Pets on 15 July at the Pittsbrugh Pup Crawl!

 I contacted my counterparts at the Animal Rescue League and Animal Friends and told them I wanted to create an event TOGETHER that would become a Pittsburgh Summer Tradition and show our supporters, volunteers, adopters, and our community that Pittsburgh is blessed to have 3 FANTASTIC Animal Welfare Organizations.  Last year we took care of over 26,000 animals (collectively) last year.  None of us can do it alone.  Together we are better and can be even more successful in our missions which is all about the care of pets in Southwestern PA. 

 We look forward to the 1st Annual Pittsburgh Pup Crawl as the start of a summer tradition for dog lovers everywhere.  We hope you can join us with your (friendly) dog (cranky dogs — please stay home) and celebrate Pittsburgh’s Animal Shelters and the 1st Annual Pittsburgh Pup Crawl.


 Special thanks to Jolene at Animal Friends and Ann at Animal Rescue League for helping to pull this event together.  And I would be remiss in not thanking Joseph Hassan of Brooklyn, New York for thinking up the concept of PUP CRAWL in the first place.