PittsburghGives! Day of Giving 4 October 2011

The Western PA Humane Society is participating in the
Day of Giving. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support our homeless pets, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and philanthropy in our community:
New ‘Day of Giving’ event aims to top
$3.3 million raised last year
 PITTSBURGH, Pa., – A third annual community-wide Day of Giving event, hosted by The Pittsburgh Foundation on October 4, 2011 using its PittsburghGives on-line program, will aim to top the $3.3 million raised last year for nonprofit organizations.

 More than 600 local charities in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties with profiles on the PittsburghGives site will be eligible to receive contributions from donors which will qualify for equal pro-rated shares of matching funds. The total

rescued by WPHS Humane Officers

match pool this year is expected to exceed the $600,000 available in 2010.

 Since the launch of PittsburghGives in 2009, the site’s special giving events have pumped $7 million into local nonprofits, many of which have struggled during the aftermath of the recession to meet increased demand with depleted resources.

 “We have no doubt that our Day of Giving events have been a huge success and at a most critical time,” said Grant Oliphant, The Pittsburgh Foundation’s President and CEO. “We have accomplished what we set out to do in providing a valuable resource to help our community’s nonprofit organizations to build broader and more sustainable on-going support.”

 The Foundation will closely evaluate the impact of this year’s Day of Giving and alternative formats and funding sources before deciding whether it is able to host the same broad annual giving event in 2012. The PittsburghGives program has demonstrated its success at generating support for individual sector organizations with an initiative for the region’s arts organizations in May this year that raised $1.9 million.

 Additionally, over the past two years, the PittsburghGives giving and research portal has achieved one of its major goals in helping the region’s charities to develop and expand their bases of support from individual donors, strengthening their individual year-round funding streams.

 “There are various ways in which our PittsburghGives on-line giving events may evolve in the future both through fundraising initiatives by individual nonprofits, and with events that target individual nonprofit sectors, and we will be discussing ideas and opportunities with nonprofits and funding partners,” said Grant Oliphant.

 In addition to the arts, sectors that would benefit from future individual giving events might include human services, the environment, animal welfare and education.

 Major modifications were introduced last year to PittsburghGives and its sister program, WestmorelandGives serving the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County, to make giving easier and to help ensure that all contributions received equal shares of matching dollars.

 In a 24-hour giving period in October 2010, public donations to PittsburghGives topped $2.8 million which received matching funds of $500,000 – raising the equivalent of $38 per second.  Each donation received a pro-rated share of the match – 20 cents on the dollar, or 20 percent. Westmoreland’s Day of Giving in December 2010 generated nearly $200,000 in public donations which shared a match pool of an additional $100,000.

 This year, the 24-hour Day of Giving events will run simultaneously for Allegheny and Westmoreland counties – midnight to midnight on October 4 – but as with 2010, each will have its separate match pool. The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County became part of The Pittsburgh Foundation following completion of its merger in the summer 2010.

 To be eligible to receive donor contributions which qualify for matching dollars, nonprofits must be located in and primarily serve communities in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, and all contributions received during the 24-hour giving period will receive an equal pro-rated share of the appropriate match pool.    Charitable organizations that wish to participate in the Day of Giving must have their organizational portrait completed and published on the WestmlorelandGives site by August 15, 2011.

 The PittsburghGives platform serves as a unique vehicle for nonprofits to showcase their work in the community, detailing information about their charitable programs, missions, management and finances. PittsburghGives can be accessed at www.pittsburghgives.org.


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