Share Your Best Friends Story

 share your best friends story… 
 Are you a shutterbug? Does you best friend like to pose for the camera?  Tell us about your amazing best friend!  Add your Best Friends picture and tell their story in our

Cutest Critters Photo Contest… 

 Is your best friend a adopted from a shelter? Are you a therapy dog team? Did you adopt a senior pet?  What special story would you like to share?   We’d love to hear how you found your best friend and the part they play in your life and with your family. 

Tell Your Best Friend's Story!

 The 13 photos that receive the highest number of votes will become the first ever WPHS note cards!  Your pets picture will be on the front of the card…and their story will be printed on the back.

 Enter your pet and tell their special story… then tell all of your friends to ‘Click & Vote!’  $1.00 equals 1 vote in the Cutest Critter pet photo contest. 

 When you tell your best friend’s story,  and encourage everyone you know to vote for your best friend, you help all of the homeless pets at Western Pennsylvania Humane Society this holiday season.

 Click on the button to visit the gallery of pet pictures, enter your pet, tell their story and vote for your favorites!  


 While you are enjoying this holiday season with your best friend our adorable adoptable pets are waiting for their fur-ever home.  Help them by entering our Cutest Critters contest and share the link as a WPHS Cutest Critter Friendraiser.