Molly’s Story

Thank you for your support of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and the pets we help find their forever home. Your very generous support of this organization has allowed us to have another successful year providing our basic services and other offerings like our education partnership with the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and to begin expansion of our crisis

Mollly when she arrived at WPHS

Molly as she arrived at WPHS for care

care center. Each month pets like Molly, who was found wandering the streets by a Pittsburgh Police Officer and brought to WPHS for care, arrive at our door in urgent need of medical attention. Molly suffered from a skin infection so severe she had lost all of her hair. Thanks to our medical team Molly was quickly diagnosed and received the medicine she needed. Like Molly, many of the pets we shelter are ill when they arrive at WPHS. Puppies, kittens and senior pets are especially vulnerable.  Their immune systems are weak because of age, poor nutrition, neglect, or the stress of being homeless.    On one weekend in October 130 pets arrived at WPHS in need of care.  This year we sheltered over 14,000 pets in need. As you know the mission of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is to accept every pet, every time, at our ‘Open Door’ shelter.  Our newly appointed medical director, Dr. Jonna Swanson, is leading the effort to add a 100 bed crisis care center which will help our pets return to good health right away, and be ready to be adopted by their fur-ever families!  Our mission is to provide them the very best care. Because of your commitment to Western Pennsylvania Humane Society we have been able to do this.  Think of the tremendous reach the ‘crisis care center’ will allow us to provide into our community! In the coming year many more vulnerable pets will receive much-needed care.  Please join with us in support of efforts like this by making a special year-end gift.  Your gift will help all future pets like Molly enjoy a healthy, companionable life. Happy Holidays to your and the special pets who share your life.  

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