Cat Cuddler Chronicle

Cat Cuddler Chronicle

Cat Cuddler Chronicle

 February 16, 2012

“The Sweethearts”

 Imagine you’d reached your golden years and were enjoying a life of bird watching, cushions, and sunny windowsills. And then you lost your home. Meet Max and Olivia, our shelter’s newest feline retirees. Their humans had to move and couldn’t take them, so now this darling couple—he’s 8, she’s 10—waits for a new forever home.

 They’re a dashing duo: Olivia is a demure, pretty girl who wears her gorgeous tortie coat with not a hair out of place, plus she’s got a sweet white stripe down her nose for extra glamour. Max is her go-to guy at the front of their cage. He’s a husky white and black tabby who loves to head-bump and let you know he soooo appreciates your visit.

 Age brings wisdom and these two kitties know how to love you, love each other, purr up a storm, and relax. When I visited with them as a Cat Cuddler, Olivia sat on her shelf and purred while Max took center stage. They tell me they’re friends for life and would love stay together.

 They’re looking for a calm place with an older family who’ll respect their ages and appreciate their wonderful, quiet-cat personalities. Do you have room in your heart and home for this special couple?

 –Lois Williams