Have You Ever Thought About Making A Planned Gift?

 If you’re reading this article, then you obviously share something in common with everyone who works or volunteers at the Western PA Humane Society: you love animals. And how can you not? Cats, dogs, rabbits, farm animals – whatever your favorite companion may be there’s no denying that they bring joy to your life.

 Everyone who works or volunteers at the Western PA Humane Society knows that we are an open door shelter. Our mission is to provide shelter and care to every animal that comes through our shelter doors, and to find fur-ever homes for our furry friends so that they can bring joy to the lives of new owners. Did you know that half of our annual operating budget, the resources we need to care for homeless pets, comes from thoughtful neighbors who made a bequest or estate gift to our shelter? Because f their careful, thoughtful planning we know we can care for the pets and families who come to our door.  

 For example, during these difficult economic times, we have had to provide care and shelter for many animals whose owners had to give them up because of their personal financial struggles. Imagine if you, or your children, had to give up your dearest companion? It would surely feel devastating for you. But what about your pet? How do you think they would feel, separated from someone they lived with and loved? We try very hard to keep pets with their families through programs like Ellie’s Pet Pantry, and by providing needed medical care to families who cannot afford the treatments their pets need.

 Despite stories like these, and despite the fact that our resources are often stretched to maximum capacity, the Western PA Humane Society remains firmly committed to never turn down an animal in need. Last year alone, we sheltered over 12,000 homeless pets. To keep them healthy and find good fur-ever homes we rely heavily on education efforts, volunteer donations in both time and resources, and a small staff of humane law enforcement officers. We also depend on foster families, behavior specialists, and adoption specialists to help us find responsible homes for as many animals as possible. And even after we find animals home, we continue to offer vet care through our clinic as well as obedience training classes through our Education department. All of this allows us to do wonderful things for the local animal community.

 You can be a part of these efforts. When you make a planned gift your generosity helps us care for the many pets in need that come to our door, whether they’re found on the street or turned in because a family had to make an incredibly difficult decision.

 As an animal lover you can help us sustain our mission for years to come by making a planned gift to the Western PA Humane Society. By giving this way you create a legacy. You help save lives. You help ensure that one more poor creature spends a night in a safe shelter, loved and feed, and cared for by our team over 700 volunteers, more than 70 staff members, and 7,000 active supporters. The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society has provided care for the most vulnerable members of our community for over 137 years. By making a planned gift you will help us meet the future needs of our community. Most of all, you create a second chance for a pet who needs it.


If you would like to put the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in your will, or have any questions, please contact our Development Office at 412-321-4625 x.223.

 All inquiries are held in the strictest confidence. We encourage you to consult with legal and financial advisors when considering a planned gift.


 by Larissa Gula