Cat of the Week

Samantha is a 4 year old shorthair. She LOVES to curl up and snooze next to people. She loves to be petted and talked to and can be a big flirt. She is a fantastic companion and fun to spend time with. Samantha is a talker-… she answers and initiates “conversation”. When she is upset or wants something she has different sounds than her play or “chat” meows. Samantha LOVES to play. She loves feathers on a string and similar toys to share with people. She will “fetch” and bring the toy to you.  She likes the laser pointer and play-hunting. She also plays independently with cat balls/mice and small toys, sometimes hiding them under furniture then trying to retrieve. If Samantha sounds like the right cat for your home, please stop by the shelter to meet her. You will both be so glad you did!