Dog of the Week

Do you need someone to turn your frown upside down? Do you like to clown around? If so you should come visit me at the shelter today! My name is Billy, and I am 5 months old. I like to think if I was a cartoon character I w…ould be Goofy! I may be a silly boy (I sometimes run into things when I walk, including people!) but I am pretty smart too. The shelter staff has already taught me how to sit, down, and do “touch” work. I almost have roll over down too! I love toy puzzles, playing with cardboard boxes (especially with treats hidden inside) kongs, and stuffed toys. My favorite thing to do by far though, is to cuddle. I love to lie on my back and have my belly rubbed, and I never get too far away. If you are working on the computer, I will lay at your feet. Reading a book or watching TV? That is perfect, did you know I was a lap dog?! I would do best in a home with older children. I may have a little vision trouble, I can see things that are very close to my face but I don’t seem able to see stationary things far away. This makes me bit clumsy and I don’t want to knock somebody over! I can be picky with my playmates so please bring your dog down for a meet and greet. I may not be the best choice if you have small animals, I love to play, but forget I am I am big boy. I have stolen the hearts of the Shelter staff, but I think I am ready to have a family and home of my own.  Please come visit me!