Brand New Program Benefitting W. PA Veterans

Western PA Humane Society Creates new Veteran’s Adoption Program

The Western PA Humane Society (WPHS) is excited to announce the creation of “The Western PA Society Veterans Program” at the Western PA Humane Society’s North Shore and Fallen Timber Shelters.  The program’s goal is to successfully match veterans with adoptable companion pets (dog, cat or rabbit) from the Western PA Humane Society’s North Shore or Elizabeth shelters.  The program provides financial assistance with adoptions, obedience classes and pet care supplies sold at the WPHS shelter retail stores.

  • COMPLIMENTARY ONE YEAR WPHS MEMBERSHIP (reduction in vet care      costs)
  • $50.00 TO $100.00 VOUCHER FOR WPHS STORE (depending upon type of      pet adopted)

“We are very excited about this new adoption initiative,” says Executive Director David Janusek.  “We have been building this program for a long time and looking at different organizations that have done this sort of match-making in their cities.  We are looking forward to bringing this special adoption plan to Pittsburgh and its large population of military veterans.”   For any active military personnel or honorably discharged military vet that is willing to adopt please visit our website and click on “programs” to fill out an application and to find out more about adding a companion to the family.

The Western PA Humane Society is one of the oldest Humane Society’s in the United States, serving Pittsburgh for 138 years.  The Western PA Humane Society is an “open door” shelter, meaning that they take all animals into their facility without a waiting list or a required fee (although the shelter does ask for a donation when animals are being released to their care.)  Last year the Western PA Humane Society took in over 13,000 unwanted animals.  For more information about the shelter, its available animals, and on the Veterans Adoption program please visit


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