Changing Lives!


Hello Friends…

As the sun rises, I wake on my soft blanket to a smiling face, gentle head pets and a “Good Morning, Gretta!”. After my morning stretches and a tasty breakfast, I venture outside into the crisp morning air. A kind human enjoys some snuggles, pets and a nice walk with me before returning me to my room at the shelter and taking the next dog out. This has been my daily schedule since February 13th when I was found wandering alone in New Castle and brought to the Western PA Humane Society.

I am quite the popular girl here at WPHS, and my friends think I’m a perfect reminder of why even more people should give us a hand (or a paw.) In just 4 days, my human friends will join together and run in the 2013 Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. They have worked so incredibly hard to raise money for the animals here at the Western PA Humane Society who are waiting for their forever homes.

Many of our runners are the same people I count on every day, from the staff who dedicate their lives to find loving homes for animals like me, to the volunteers who always make sure we have daily walks and extra snuggles.

These people are truly amazing- they save lives like mine every day. Now they need your help! Please visit our Pittsburgh Marathon fundraising page and consider donating, whether it be to a specific runner or the WPHS team! If you can’t spare any money right now, you can help by passing my plea to anyone that you think is able.

The 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon raised over $56,000 for the homeless animals here at WPHS. Lets work together to help them raise even more in 2013! 


Let’s help them to help us!

Love & Snuggles,

Gretta Beans