Angus’ Journey at the Shelter Continued

Some of our readers may remember a pup named Angus, whose story was told in a recent WPHS blog post.  It documented his journey from a frightened feral puppy who arrived at the shelter in January 2013, to an adoptable dog (the previous post can be read here).  We have been hoping to update his story since that post, and today we are proud to say there is a happy ending to Angus’ story.Angus and His New Parents

After our blog post, Angus traveled to Misty Pines to spend time with owner Jeff Woods and his amazing team of trainers.  Over the years, Misty Pines has hosted several WPHS dogs, training them while they are kenneled there and promoting their adoption.  Angus was a special case though, because he was the least trained dog that they have worked with.  Even though his progress was slow, it allowed Angus to experience things he hadn’t before, such as using agility equipment.

Angus and Joy Saying GoodbyeDuring his stay at Misty Pines, Angus was made available for adoption on our website.  Potential adopters were encouraged to visit him at Misty Pines, where they could see him outside of a kennel environment.  Angus, according to Jeff Woods, was very popular and his adorable face on the website and blog post generated a lot of interest. After several interviews and meet and greets, Angus found his forever home! His new mom and dad are excited to see him come out of his shell, and he even has a new doggie-brother named Hunter! The Western PA Humane Society staff and volunteers are so grateful to Angus’ new family, and he left with some hugs and a few tears of joy!

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