Patiently Waiting.

We see a lot of unique dogs every day, but with a protruding yellow tooth and a definite under bite, Snaggle has a look all his own.  The 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix came to our shelter as a stray at the beginning of March.  In no time at all our staff and volunteers fell in love with the adorable dog.  However, finding Snaggle the perfect home took a little bit of time. 

Last week, after months of waiting patiently, a couple came in looking to adopt a dog.  It was not long before Snaggle’s look and sweet demeanor caught their attention.  After a meet and greet with their other WPHS alumni pooch to seal the deal, Snaggle had found his new family!Image
In Snaggle’s case, it took a few months to find his perfect forever home.  We would love to say his case is rare.  However right now we have several animals that have been waiting for months to find their happy ending.  It can be heartbreaking to see deserving animals be passed over day after day, waiting for their turn.  Often animals are overlooked for age, color, or breed.  Dogs that have spent too much time in a kennel can start to bark a lot.  Cats that have been sitting in a cage for months can become shy and hide.  But their behavior in the shelter is not always an indication of what they would be like in a home.

Like Snaggle, each animal at the WPHS is special and unique, and we cannot wait to find them a forever home.  Take a look below at a collage of some of our long-term residents.  They are all amazing animals waiting to be part of a new family!  Could one of them be the right fit for you?
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