Local talent gives back to the Western PA Humane Society

ImageIf you’ve visited our clinic recently, you may have noticed some impressive artwork. Unique mosaic pieces, beautifully painted portraits, and original Pittsburgh-themed free drawn art work are all being featured in our clinic waiting room at the North Shore location. These artists are contributing so much more than stunning works of art for our clinic customers to enjoy; each of the three artists featured have made a commitment to donate a portion of their proceeds back to the Western PA Humane Society.

ImageArtist Steven Sadvary, a.k.a. Stevo, handcrafts exquisite mosaics from imported Italian tiles. These pieces can be commissioned in any shape, size, or style to characterize your four-legged BFF. Stevo helps our homeless animals here at the shelter by donating an astonishing 40% of his proceeds back to the WPHS. And that’s not all! Princess and Scooby were two senior black labs that came to the shelter together. The staff here realized that not only would it be difficult to find forever homes for them due to their age and coloring but also that the chances of keeping them together were slim. But then Stevo met the two lucky dogs and adopted them together! Today, Princess and Scooby are living out their days in bliss and enjoying each other’s companionship thanks to Stevo. For more information about Stevo’s work and his contact information visit www.stevosphere.com.Art-2

Also being featured at the WPHS are fantastic portraits rendered by local artist Diego Byrnes. The paintings that you see displayed in the clinic waiting room are for sale and Diego has generously committed to donating 30% of the proceeds from the sale of those paintings back to the humane society. He also accepts commissioned work and uses acrylic paints on a variety of surfaces including canvas and boards. Diego got involved with the humane society after he adopted Poppy from us two years ago…his first dog ever! He began featuring Poppy in his paintings and now this talented artist continues to support the WPHS through his art. To see paintings featuring Poppy and others visit www.diegobyrnes.com and you can ask Diego about his commissioned work at 814-244-5525 or at diego.m.byrnes@gmail.com.

The level of commitment that local artist Christopher Nix exhibits in his art is truly extraordinary. Some very unique ‘Pittsburgh-themed’ collages are available for sale in our gift shop and examples are on display in the clinic Imagewaiting room. These masterful pieces are drawn completely freehand and each piece takes three to four months to complete! Hours of research go into each of these collages before Chris even begins the drawing process. Once he does, he incorporates HUNDREDS of separate images to produce the final creation. These works of art are truly a wonder to behold. Chris says that he has been a dog lover his whole life and is very excited to give back to the WPHS through proceeds from his art. Currently, he and his wife have three four-legged family members; two golden retrievers and a chocolate lab. For more information about Chris and his incredible artwork please visit www.christopherscollages.com.

The Western PA Humane Society deeply appreciates the support shown by these local artist and we look forward to their continued success.