Monty’s New ‘Do!

By Donna Bucek, Director of Animal Services

After a lengthy illness, most of us would just want to get a nice long bath and scrub the remains of the illness away; and Monty was no exception! A professional groomer and wonderful volunteer – Maura Mitchell – gave our Monty a morning of being a pampered pooch. He was bathed, groomed, and had a very nice long brushing session. Maura said Monty was a very good boy throughout his grooming visit (maybe he had a few in his past life).  We always want to thank our volunteers and the special work that they do for our animals – Monty is certainly grateful to Maura.Image

Watch this video as our matted “caterpillar” turns into a maltipoo “butterfly!” I have included with this video another trick of Monty’s: “Stealth Monty.” This is his favorite game when playing with the ball. (Can’t you just hear the theme from Jaws in the background?)

Monty has recovered from his bladder stone surgery and is adjusting to his new food. Monty did have a set back this weekend. I noticed that he was not coming out of his bed, not playing ball, and not being social. On Monday he was diagnosed with Giardia – an illness that has given him a very bad tummy ache and matches the symptoms we had been observing. Each day, Monty seems to get a little better- hopefully by the end of the week he will be back 100% to his playful self.

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