Who Is Miss B?

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will join the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (http://www.wpahumane.org/), Lindsay Dill (http://lindsaycdill.zenfolio.com/missb) and myself in an effort to find MissB a permanent home.  You can help us by sharing this blog with your friends and family or a special someone you know who would love to meet MissB.
I’d like to describe my time with MissB in an effort to better introduce you to her as the wonderful dog she is.  Please take a few minutes and get to know MissB better.
Thank you,

Dr. Miguel Ortiz, DVM

Western PA Humane Society
ImageMissB was brought to the the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) around June 2013.  She has been there since. When you walk by her kennel at the Humane Society she may be sleeping, standing up barking or just being calm and getting to know you even if you don’t realize it.  When out of her kennel MissB is a very calm dog.  She can often be found in offices around the WPHS, napping on blankets or on a chair (though she will get off as soon as she is asked).  However, don’t be fooled; MissB has plenty of energy to go on long hikes and even a brisk jog. I got the pleasure of spending an entire day with MissB at my home. Let me tell you about it.
When I first brought MissB home I was not sure what to expect.  The first thing I did was start cooking dinner. MissB stood in the kitchen and watched me cooking. I am positive that her previous owners made a habit of giving her people food as she stood at attention waiting for her share. I did not give in to her big brown eyes and she never fussed. No barking. No annoying slobbering or invasion of my personal space. Though she was waiting for food she was not pushy about it.  I suspect with proper discipline she will lose this habit. After dinner we went for a nice twenty minute walk. I learned a few behaviors of MissB:Image
  • She is a very calm dog. I attempted to get her hyped up but I was not able to do so. Granted she does not know me very well, but she was very playful and never got out of control.
  • She likes to mark her territory with urine. On a walk she likes to stop several times to pee in small amounts. I can assure you this is not a medical condition. It is simply a natural behavior some dogs express.
  •  Though she can not be “face to face” with another dog she does not mind them if they are walking across the street or even walking towards her. Several times on our walk we encountered other dogs on the side walk.  She did not seem overly concerned with the other dogs around her as long as she did not come close enough to touch. I like to think of it as her ten foot radius personal space bubble.Image
  • We walked into a pet food store to meet an employee and her daughters. MissB was very polite and took treats nicely from both the adult and the children. I suspect she will be a great one dog household dog.
  • She likes to chase squirrels. If she sees a squirrel she wants to go after it, although she did not pull my arm out of socket. MissB is a strong dog and would best be walked with someone who can handle her infrequent pulling.
  • I am not sure why, but, sometimes she gets spooked by shadows, electric poles, cars etc. She basically stops dead in her tracks and will not walk forward even if you pull her. I have, however, realized that if you walk the opposite direction she will follow you and with something as simple as crossing the street or looping around the object we were able to continue our walk without much interruption.

MissB’s previous owners probably allowed her to sit and sleep on furniture. However, she is a very well mannered dog and will get off the couch or the bed as soon as she is asked to do so. At bed time MissB lied calmly on a set of blankets at the foot of my bed and rested peacefully. She got up a few times for a stretch and a drink of water.  She did not try to get on my bed, though I suspect that if I asked her to she would have.
When we woke up in the morning MissB was very patient waiting for her breakfast and for her morning walk. As I cooked breakfast she again would look at me but never begged for food and did not try to get into my trash, even when not supervised.
When it was time for her photo shoot MissB was ready for work! I was thoroughly impressed with how much discipline she has. I could ask her to sit in a certain spot in my house and she did so willingly. She didn’t even mind the camera in her face and the flashes going off.  I had her sit in front of a plate of dog treats which she would not touch or even look at unless I gave her one by hand. For a dog that has been in a kennel for so long she has an extreme amount of self discipline. 

ImageDuring our walk we visited a pet food store (http://animalnature.net/) where MissB met two girls around ten years of age. She also walked around a corner and was smacked in the face by a cat! I was extremely surprised at MissB’s reaction. She just walked away. I am not sure if that would always be the case but she got hit in the face and did nothing. She even stood near the cat in attention while we took some pictures.

After a stroll through the park and hanging out outside of a coffee shop for a while, we took a short car ride. MissB was very well behaved in the car. She was in the back seat and looked out the window as we drove.  When I got out of the car she moved to the uncovered front seats but moved to the back when asked to do so. When we finally got home she curled up in ball on a chair (which I allowed) and took a long nap.

In the evening I decided to leave the house for about one hour.  MissB was put in a kennel in my bedroom while I was gone. She went into the kennel very calmly and did not bark as I was leaving the house. I also noticed that when I got home she was not barking nor did she bark when I walked into the house and made my way (purposefully slow) to her. Again she demonstrated to me her patience and maturity. That night she again slept at the foot of my bed.

It is my sincere hope that MissB finds a permanent home. She is an Imageextremely loving dog with lots of energy that she keeps under control. She can not live in a house with another dog as she does not like other dogs to be in her personal space.  If you have any further questions regarding MissB and her adoption please contact the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at http://www.wpahumane.org/ or by phone: (412) 321-4625.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know MissB and please consider passing her story along to your friends and family. It is my sincere hope that MissB will be adopted by a loving family and that her nights in a kennel are coming to a permanent end.