Thor the Great!

My name is Anjouli, a Veterinary Technician here at the Western PA Humane Society. I want to share the story of Thor, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, who was brought to our shelter after his owner could no longer care for him. He was very thin and the staff noticed he was having a hard time eating and was unable to close his jaw. He was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuritis, a rare, yet fortunately, curable inflammatory facial disorder. Unsure how long it would take to fully recover, the veterinarians felt a foster home was his best chance.

Because I could see what a good dog he was, I decided to foster Thor. When he first arrived at my home, he slept. He slept on the floor, in a dog bed, and even on my bed curled up under the covers (which he managed to figure out all by himself). Once his condition subsided, Thor began to show me a little more of his already spectacular, loving personality. Simply put, he’s just a happy and calm furry fella. While in my care, I was able to experience a few of Thor’s characteristics and behaviors.

• Thor is a very energetic, yet collected, calm animal. During the day, he liked to sleep and relax, but was excited and energized as soon as I would arrive home. He can get playful and excited in one minute and then the next, a nice belly rub or pat on the head would do.
• He is very affectionate and loves to be a part of any human activity.
• He is gentle and sweet around everyone.
• He is fully house-broken and never had an accident.
• Thor very much enjoys walks and is a great on-leash walker. At first, like many dogs going on an adventure outside with the many smells, sights, and sounds, he was very antsy to get going. However, once on the walk, he is an excellent walker. He will lightly tug or linger when curious about an object or smell but adjusts nicely to anyone’s rhythm or stride. Also, he was never bothered by cars, other dogs, squawking geese or those fluffy tailed squirrels; he was just happy to be out enjoying the day.
• Thor is a social eater, usually waiting to eat until I got home.
• Thor is a very smart and an eager to please animal. He picks up commands easily. He could benefit from a basic training class, which would reiterate the common commands such as: stay, come, and lie down.

Like every dog, Thor has little quirks. He can be nervous in new situations, but with time and guidance, adapts well. His previous owner allowed him onto the furniture, but during our short time together, Thor eagerly learned to be invited. He responded quickly and became comfortable lying or sleeping on his own bed, but he is not a fan of a closed kennel. When I would sit on the floor with him or invite him onto the bed or furniture, he would cuddle close to me, usually placing his head somewhere on my body, wearing a smile.
Despite his earlier unfortunate circumstances, Thor has made a full recovery and is a happy, loving dog. He was a pleasure to have in my home and I know he will make a wonderful friend and companion. Please consider opening your heart and home to this lovable and amazing dog who desperately desires a forever home.
Please join the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in an effort to find Thor, our “Champion Cuddler”, a permanent home. You can help us by sharing this blog with your friends and family or a special someone you know who would love to meet him.