Sweet Bunny – It’s Your Turn at Last!

Today I didn’t see her. I had looked at our website every day for a year & saw a dog named “Bunny” among the available pets.
A sweet, 2-year-old pit bull-lab mix, she’d been waiting forever for a home. Each day when I opened the site, I hoped she’d be missing from among those searching for a family.
Bunny came to us as a fearful stray with a young litter about a year ago. She watched as all of her babies were adopted. She was still there. The Pittsburgh Zoo called shortly thereafter & said they needed a nursing mama dog to feed a litter of African Wild Dogs who had lost their mother at birth.
Another shelter dog had just had a litter & had plenty of milk. That dog was chosen to go to the zoo to help out. But what about her own litter? Those puppies were given to Bunny. And Bunny took excellent care of the litter that wasn’t hers.  Over the year, staff knew what a good mom Bunny was & she was given a variety of pups who needed a little training as only mamas can do. Good ol’ Bun.
But months came & went & Bunny was still in the shelter. She was taken out to many off-site events where she might meet her future family – the Mall at Robinson; Cocktails for Canines at Buckheads Saloon in Station Square, Raining Cats & Dogs at Elixer, South Side; Rollier’s Hardware Pet Adoption Event, Mount Lebanon; and more.
Lots of visitors streamed by at the shelter, but no one chose Bunny. Staff and volunteers couldn’t figure out why no one wanted her. She was a good dog!
Every effort was made to keep her well & happy. She went for long walks. Other times, volunteers just sat & cuddled with her. She went to a volunteer’s workplace daily where she was made an official staff member.
Bunny watched as her different kennel roommates were all adopted. As one volunteer said “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”
She was even signed up for Facebook with the name “Bunny Needs a Home” where people could get updates on Bunny and send messages of encouragement, but most importantly, pass the word that, indeed, Bunny needs a home.
Being an open-door shelter, WPHS had accepted Bunny with no questions asked, just like all of the 13,000 animals a year that come through the door. None are ever turned away.
Bunny is part pitbull so might have been turned away by other shelters that perhaps wouldn’t think she was adoptable or others who might have had an “end date” on her.
Then just when things started to look dark, Bunny is no longer on the website!
She’s in her forever home with her forever family.  She is in the hands of someone who is an experienced pit owner who understands the breed and Bunny’s needs.
Sometimes, it’s almost unbearable waiting for just that one special person to walk thru the kennel aisles looking for that special new friend who’s waiting just behind the barrier.
Tears came to my eyes and I got goosebumps when I found out. What a happy ending to such a long story.
Today a “Bon Voyage Bunny” party was held at the shelter for volunteers who wanted to say goodbye to a long-time resident who had won MANY hearts.
It seems like a Disney dog movie I saw when I was a kid. Sometimes, the end of stories are hard to take, but sometimes, just sometimes, they turn out to be just the way you would want. The warm, fuzzy feeling drenches the viewer.
It’s that way in Bunny’s case, but for the volunteers & staff at WPHS who gave their time and love to Bunny, it’s even more.